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My Curvature

My surgeon determined the curvature of my spine to be 58 degrees, and in an "S" shape. He indicated that my spine (vertebrae) would need to be fused from the lumbar vertebrae L-2 up to the thoracic vertebrae T-5 — a total of nine vertebrae. Additionally, since my rib cage was beginning to twist (which was the reason my dad noticed the "rib hump" when I bent over), I also chose to have my surgeon correct that as well. To correct the "rib hump," the doctor would have to cut five of my ribs in my back and remove a couple of inches of rib from each. This procedure is called thoracoplasty and will help my rib cage to return back into proper alignment.

X-ray Taken by PediatricianThis is the x-ray taken by my pediatrician...

X-ray Taken by Surgeon...and this is one of the x-rays taken by my surgeon who made a lot of marks on the film in order to measure my curve and plan my surgery.

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After reading this please keep in mind that all treatment and outcome results are specific to the individual patient. Results may vary. Complications, such as infection, blood loss, or nerve damage are some of the potential adverse risks of spinal surgery. Please consult your physician for a complete list of indications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, clinical results, and other important medical information.

  • Published: April 08, 2002
  • Updated: March 30, 2009