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Randi—Elk Grove, CA

Before surgery, my life was continuously on hold. When I first began seeing Dr. Picetti, I knew something needed to be done to keep my spine from continually curving. I wore the brace for three years, meaning constant discomfort and daily worry about what I could wear. Even being out of the brace was not enough, since I knew one day I would need surgery. Every three months, my life was placed on hold once again when I received my appointment notice and wondered if this was the time I would hear Dr. Picetti tell me that I needed surgery. I had seen numerous individuals with the 24-inch incision down the spine and I dreaded the day that I, too, would have one. I knew that once I had surgery, my life would never be the same again. If a brace was difficult on a teen's life, how hard would surgery and scars be?

RandiI was right, though. My life is not the same after surgery. Since my operation last May, I no longer have my life on hold, and everyday living is so much easier! Because of Dr. Picetti's technique, I was able to buy a homecoming dress without worrying about the back of the gown, purchasing one that even accentuated the back with criss-cross straps and rhinestone clasps! Because I have five tiny "conversation pieces" down my side, I do not feel as if I need to hide anything! When I heard at school that there were auditions for a fashion show, I knew I could audition with confidence to wear anything a store would give me. Not only was I chosen to model, but I walked the runway in front of thousands of people in a slinky gold BACKLESS evening gown with a zipper that ended at my waist.

Auditioning for the Fashion ShowIf it were not for Dr. Picetti, I would have never even dreamed of auditioning, being too embarrassed of the hideous scar down my spine and across my soul. Not only did Dr. Picetti give me my life back, he gave me the best possible opportunity for a regular life. Because of Dr. Picetti and his surgical technique, I can walk with my head held high having confidence in myself and my body. I truly have nothing to hide because of Dr. Picetti!

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  • Published: April 24, 2002
  • Updated: July 21, 2008